Hiya Beautiful

If my heart had hair, it would be blonde. At Luscious&Co we specialize in all kinds of blondes. 

Balayage, Foil, High Lift- you like it. we can do it. 

Keep in mind, it is likely we love your hair more than you do. That’s why we believe in an honest and healthy approach to blondes.
Healthy well done blonde is where we live. 

The hair colorists at Luscious And Co are formally trained in the most advanced color correcting services. This comes especially in handy for guests that have experienced uneven tone, uneven bleaching, or even an at-home color job gone wrong. Color Correcting is a science, and requires the skill of a highly trained color specialist. The colorists at Luscious And Co have combined experience of over 60 years in the color industry. We have experienced shifting trends, color, and even techniques. Throughout the changes and trends in the industry, the one things that has remained the same  is our commitment to healthy hair. Color corrections and Hair Rehab often times go hand in hand. Usually due to overexposure of chemicals, hair can feel dry, brittle, or even broken. Our team of color specialists combine the benefits of micro-misting or steaming with their color correcting techniques. We never place you under a dryer to process. This can dry out the hair even further. Every color appointment at Luscious And Co is met with honesty, integrity, patience, and a plan to do what is right for the guest. If you have experienced color gone wrong, schedule your private complimentary consultation with our Color Correcting specialists to get more information on your color correcting plan. No job is too big. 

Our color work